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I was diagnosed with cancer of the duodenum last year.  My battle with cancer has, until now, been fought very privately, and few people knew what I was going through.  I am finally ready to speak publicly, in the hopes that my own experiences may help others to cope with their own personal fight against cancer.

My initial reaction to the cancer diagnosis was denial.  Cancer?  Me??  No way!  Denial was followed by shock and horror, which was then followed by a deep, deep sadness.  I cried an ocean of tears.  Every time that I spoke to a family member or a friend, the tears flowed.  I wasn’t  ready to leave this life, yet the doctors were telling me that I didn’t have that much time left.

Finally I moved emotionally to the place where I am right now.  I have come to a place of acceptance of the fact that I have to deal with the cancer, but not acceptance of the prognosis which was given to me.  I know in my heart of hearts that I have to fight this disease with every fiber of my being.  I have to do that for myself, and for every person that I love.

I have been fortunate to have had wonderful support from family and friends, and a friend and fellow EFT practitioner told me about a new book by Emma Roberts, EFT Master, called Even Though I Have Cancer… I mentioned the book to another friend who had recently had a cancer diagnosis in her own family, and this lovely lady purchased a copy of the book for herself, and a copy for me, for which I am profoundly grateful.

As I explored the book, which is nearly 400 pages long, I found chapter after chapter relating to different aspects of dealing with cancer.  What I was most delighted with were the many tapping scripts related to every topic covered.  As an experienced EFTer, I have had plenty of experience with creating tapping scripts “on the fly” for clients, and for myself.  When dealing with the cancer, however, I felt so totally overwhelmed that I just couldn’t find the words.  What a relief to have an entire library of scripts that I could  refer to and use without having to struggle to say what I wanted.

I have used Emma’s scripts to deal with my fears, my depression and sadness, my fear of chemotherapy, nausea as a result of chemo, and much more.  Emma has given any of us with cancer an amazing resource by writing this book, and I truly hope that any of you who are in the same situation as I am will consider purchasing the book.  as a gift to yourself.

One final comment:  As I go through my day to day struggles, I have found that one of the most healing things for me is laughter.  No matter how badly I might be feeling, a funny comment made by a loved one cheers me right up.  I keep reminding myself to look for the humor in everyday situations, and now I’m passing that along to you…whatever your own personal struggles might be, keep laughing.


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