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The holidays can be a wonderful time of year, full of love and happiness and family and friends.  The holidays can also be difficult, if all is not well in your life.  If you’re having people problems, money problems, health problems or pretty much any kind of problem and just can’t seem to connect with any holiday spirit, EFT can help to move you to a better place.

Christmas is a perfect time to celebrate and give thanks for all the positive things going on in your life.  Your initial reaction to that statement might be along the lines of “Are you kidding?  My life stinks!”.  If that was your response, you are focused on the negatives in your life, and completely ignoring the positives.  Wouldn’t you feel better about yourself and about life in general if you could turn that around, and recognize that your glass is really half full, not half empty?  EFT can help you to make that change.

If you’re feeling sorry for yourself because your salary doesn’t allow for extras, and you won’t be able to spend a lot on Christmas, how about considering how many people are out of work, and don’t have any salary at all?  You may not be rich, but if you have a regular paycheck and can take care of the basics, you’re in much better shape than all of those who are unemployed.

Perhaps you’ve recently gone through a divorce, have lost a close friend, or have moved to a new area where you don’t know anyone yet.  You’re feeling very isolated and lonely as Christmas approaches.  You may still be acutely feeling that loss, but there really are different and better ways of looking at the situation.  This is the start of a new chapter in your life, with infinite possibilities.  Instead of looking back and grieving the loss, how about trying to look ahead at your new beginning with anticipation and excitement?

Christmas is a time when family conflicts tend to bubble to the surface.  You may have had a falling out with a family member that would normally be a part of your celebration, but won’t be there this year.  You may be spending more time with a family member that is difficult to cope with, with feelings of stress and anger building by the day.  When there are conflicts within the family, there is nearly always some guilt associated with those conflicts.  After all, this is your family, and you’re all supposed to love each other and get along, right?

The Christmas holidays are often a time when we have unrealistic expectations for 0urselves and others.  Many people look forward to the “perfect family Christmas” and ignore the fact that there isn’t much in life that’s perfect.  Expecting to have the “perfect Christmas dinner” or to receive the “perfect Christmas gift” is unrealistic, and you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  Why not lower your expectations, and accept that we’re all just human, just sort of go with the flow, recognizing that just as you have holiday stressors, so do all your family members?

The tapping scripts below was created to help you deal with the various issues that arise during the holidays, and to find positives where you formerly found only negatives. They are each meant to be a starting point. Add your own words and feelings as appropriate.

Christmas Blues Tapping Scripts: Choose the one(s) appropriate for you!

Finances: Setup — Karate chop:

  • Even though I wish I had enough money to buy terrific presents for the people I love, I know in my heart that Christmas isn’t about money or gifts, and I’m making a choice to enjoy this Christmas and to be grateful for what I have, and not worry about what I don’t have, and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.


  • Eyebrow: I wish I had more money to spend on Christmas
  • Outside eye: But I know that Christmas really isn’t about money
  • Under eye: People won’t love me less if I don’t buy them expensive gifts
  • Under nose: Loved ones around me, a beautiful Christmas dinner
  • Chin: I can take great joy from those precious things
  • Collar bone: I’m making a choice to celebrate Christmas in the best way I can
  • Under arm: I’m letting go of those feelings that I have to spend money for Christmas to be good
  • Top of head: And I’m embracing the knowledge that Christmas can be joyful, even without money or gifts.

Family Conflicts: Setup — Karate chop:

  • Even though ___________ is getting on my last nerve this Christmas, and I’m find it hard to enjoy and celebrate the holiday, I know that ____________ has demands on him/her too, and maybe I should be a bit more patient and accepting with him/her, and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself and __________ .


  • Eyebrow: _________ is really getting on my nerves
  • Outside eye: I’m angry because I feel like he/she is ruining my Christmas
  • Under eye: I’m open to the idea that I’m being too hard on ________
  • Under nose: Maybe it’s time to cut _________ some slack
  • Chin: And while I’m at it, maybe I should cut myself some slack too
  • Collar bone: I’m ready to start letting go of this anger
  • Under arm: A little at a time, in a way that feels comfortable to me
  • Top of head: Letting go of the anger and bringing some healing to this

Loneliness:  Setup — Karate chop:

  • Even though I’m feeling lonely and isolated this holiday season, I’m open to the idea that there are actions I can take to interact with others, and I choose to seek out and celebrate the positive things in my life, and to start letting go of those feelings of loneliness, and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.


  • Eyebrow: I feel so all alone at Christmas
  • Outside eye: Nobody to celebrate with except myself
  • Under eye: But maybe I need to take another look at this situation
  • Under nose: Maybe I can participate in holiday activities and meet new people
  • Chin: Maybe I can reconnect with people from my past
  • Collar bone: There ARE things I can do to change this
  • Under arm: I’m going to do my best to make this a good Christmas
  • Top of head: I’m going to stop feeling sorry for myself, and celebrate

Unrealistic Expectations:  Setup — Karate Chop:

  • Even though I have high expectations for myself and others in my life this Christmas, I’m open to the idea that those expectations may be unrealistic, and I’m ready to embrace more realistic expectations, and to stop being so hard on myself and my loved ones, and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself and others just as we are.


  • Eyebrow: I’m not cutting anyone any slack this Christmas
  • Outside eye: Not even myself
  • Under eye: I expect this to be a perfect Christmas
  • Under nose: But is there really such a thing?
  • Chin: I’m open to the possibility that this can be a good Christmas
  • Collar bone: Without being perfect
  • Under arm: Maybe I can just relax and enjoy the holiday
  • Top of head: And take all that pressure off myself and everyone else

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