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The Little Things in Life

When you’re suffering from a serious disease, life can be difficult.  You have good days and bad days, and on the bad days it can be really hard to focus on the positive, which is so important for healing.  I struggle with this problem on a regular basis, as I carry on the battle inside myself to reclaim good health.

Two good friends of mine, Noreen and Betty, have helped me to remember how very important the little things in life can be, particularly on the bad days.  Thanks, ladies!

There are some things in life that money can’t buy, such as peace, joy and happiness.  You can experience all of those feelings, though, by learning to appreciate and enjoy the small things in your life.

Although I haven’t had too many bad days recently, I still do have them, and when I do there is nothing that brings me more pleasure than sitting on my bed and watching the birds that come to my bird feeder.

I have some beautiful cardinals that come to eat just about every day.  The male cardinal’s vibrant red color always makes me smile, and seeing him fat and happy (in my mind, anyway) makes me feel like I’m doing my part to keep him that way.

I have a variety of birds that come to partake of the feast regularly, and I enjoy every single one of them.  If the bird is not one that I’m familiar with, I get even more excited.  I use my binoculars to get a really good look at the bird, and then turn to my reference book on birds on the U.S. to find out what the new bird is.

When I’ve watched my birds for a while, I feel happy and relaxed and content with life.  It’s a great way to feel!

Another thing I take great comfort in is my 3 cats (and resident brats) Salem, Blue and Cleo.  Pets have a way of making you feel loved that is always amazing to me.  One of the cats will climb up in my lap, look me in the eye, and “tell” me that it’s time for some loving.  I know all their favorite scratch places, and before long they are purring loudly.  There is something very relaxing about that purring, and I settle down for some one on one time with whichever cat is on my lap.

A few pretty birds and the unconditional love of my kitties brings tremendous pleasure to me, and I can go from feeling down and depressed to feeling relaxed and contented very quickly.

The next time you find yourself having a bad day, look around you, and find the little things in your life that give you pleasure.  Enjoy them.  You’ll feel better for having done that.


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